Orientation day?! 

The three of us are the newest volunteers to the Eco Center in Blagaj! I am in the purple, my name is Lindsay  and I am currently writing this blog! The girl in the middle is Jenna, she will also update the blog and in the orange is Kyra, who I'm sure you will hear from as well! This picture was taken at the Dervish House, just 10 minutes away, but we are headed to meet the animals and the people we will be working with right after this!  We won't actually start volunteering until this Wednesday, but it is always nice to get a feel for the surroundings...and eat. We were treated to lunch...or breakfast, possibly a brunch that consisted of ALL organic foods and homemade juices! It was wonderful...and shockingly the best eggs I have ever had. 

We aren't sure if they like us or not! The littlest donkey, Suzie, escaped and Kyra and I had to get her back in! As you can tell, we were not dressed appropriately to chase down a baby donkey!
Needless to say, the girls and I know we will love it here and can't wait to begin! We just hope we are able to keep up with all the animals! Especially Suzie! She's a fast little thing! Stay tuned for more pictures of our first week as volunteers! 

Til then... try and stay cool because its SUPER hot in Blagaj. 

Lindsay :)

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